Alliance is proud to partner with Vancouver’s finest recruitment agencies.  We work with both small recruiting firms, specializing in specific industries and occupations, as well as large, generalist full-service recruitment firms.   

Alliance  provides all participating  firms  with  job  descriptions, needs assessments, culture fit,  and  any  other  relevant information  about  the  conditions  of  the recruit. Alliance also assists our clients by providing industry insight into the challenges particular to each recruit.   

As a result, Alliance streamlines the hiring process, offers established interview times, tailors the recruitment process to the client’s needs, provides salary ranges and develops manageable timelines, thereby creating an environment where clients may expedite the placement process.  

The benefit to our partnering agencies is our ability to expand and enhance placement opportunities for your candidates via access to Alliance’s comprehensive database of qualified job orders.  Our website is your key to current job opportunities across multiple industries and occupations.

Please click here for a trial membership.  You will be contacted and given a private user ID and password, which will allow you to access all open job orders through our website.  As new postings arrive, we will also update you daily via email.